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Fitness in business

The health of any business is reflected in the health of its' employees. We work with Business Owners, Business Teams and Key Employees to develop resilience to risks to health associated with working for a company or running a business, through better health and fitness.


Here's what others have been saying about Celebrate.

Since starting the Resolutions programme back in January it provided me some serious focus into my fitness regime. With the help of the Personal Trainers I started to complete some weight training as well. Since January 2015 I have now lost 7 stone or 45kg in weight.  I have gone from a 3XL shirt to XL now. – Mark Richardson

Mark Richardson

“Peter has worked closely with Aaron Wallis for a number of years now on both a group and individual basis and have found him to be a very knowledgeable and personable trainer which has proved invaluable to the fitness levels of the office.”

“Whatever time we want to start our sessions to fit around office hours Peter is very accommodating and always arrives with a smile on his face. I would definitely recommend him to both small business and corporates alike for running fitness sessions.” – Giles Phillips

“I’ve worked with Peter for over 18 months and the difference he has made to my fitness, figure and day-to-day aches/pains is huge. My sciatica and lower back pain has pretty much disappeared.” – Heather Townsend

“Peter increased my fitness levels within only a few training sessions and helped me push on to train by myself on a regular basis having taken his knowledge and fitness recommendations on board.”

“I still use Peter’s running techniques each time I run and it has really helped reduce injuries I was getting in sport” – Liam Oakes

“After spending several years with Army PTI’s who believe your body is indestructible training with Peter was a breath fresh air. Providing realistic objectives and excellent structured knowledge he arms you with everything needed to make healthy progress.”

“A great character and genuinely eager to see you improve he makes Celebrate Health & Fitness what it is.” – Stephen Minney

“Peter is excellent at what he does. A unique combination of personal fitness training, psychology and an awareness that if you are investing your time and money in something – it better bring results!. It certainly has for me – on both a personal and business level.”

“Competent, life changing, fun and with high levels of energy and integrity – along with a spooky ability to read your mind and tailor your programme and his approach accordingly. Highly recommended.” – Fiona Gray

“Peter is a personable, punctual and professional service provider, who takes a holistic approach to his clients i.e. not just looking at the physical or fitness aspects, but also nutritional aspects, mental well-being and overall lifestyle choices.”

“He obtains buy-in to his recommendations through his influencing skills via his expertise, and allowing the client to find the right path. Thoroughly recommended” – Rob Cottingham

“I have been lucky enough to work with Peter for about 15 months. Thanks to Peter I have gone from not being able to run to regularly running 5km and working towards 10km.”

“We always have great fun during our sessions (which have included abs work, lifting 5kg weights, skipping and boxing training). Thanks to working with Peter I have lost weight, lost inches and gained a huge amount confidence and am fitter and stronger than I have ever been.” – Lisa Bremner

“Not sure if you saw my message on FB, I ran a half marathon last Sat, it was a very warm day, can’t thank you enough for the running advice. Changing my style hurt like hell for a few days a week even but it looks like it paid off. I ran the distance and suffered no aches or pains after, plus I then went on and cycled 15 miles for fun.”

“So on the whole I’d say it’s going brilliantly” – Stephen Franks

“Well it’s all official now, formally registered & entry verified for OCR World Champs! Exciting but scary times. Fundamentally I couldn’t have got to this point without all the help & support your team and most importantly you, have given me over the past few years. So thank you.”

“If ever there was training motivation this is it! Happy days” Mark Allen

“I’ve known Peter for over a year; he’s very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. His enthusiasm is motivational which, when added to his deep knowledge of fitness, means that I’ve got great results for both fitness and weight loss.  Thank you Peter”. Jon Baker

“A large group of of us at Rok foolishly signed up to do the 3 Peaks Challenge this year. When speaking to Peter about this he kindly invited us along to a taster event on a Thursday evening. Peter’s personable approach to the team, understanding their individual goals and abilities encouraged the group to attend a number of sessions.

As a result the team were geared up for what was to prove to be an extremely difficult but enjoyable event. I would highly recommend Peter to anybody that wants a personable one on one trainer. Peter’s focus and attention to the end goal will ensure you will get there quicker.” Simon Haddy

“Peter is one of the people who your feel comfortable with to really help you get the job done. He will push you to the limit you ask for but do it in a way that you are glad he does. His knowledge spans a life time of excellence in fitness and dedication to his work and colleagues. He will work harder himself than he will ask you to, that is because he has put in many long hours already. If you have a goal to achieve Peter will be with you all the way if you need him.” – Linda Rogerson-Heath

“I would have no hesitation in recommending Peter as a personal trainer. In particular, Peter offers a great running for beginners course which is is catered for people looking to start up jogging and running or people looking who have not been running for quite some time. Peter has the ability to make each session enjoyable and fun as well as providing essential information in keeping fit and healthy. He will treat each individual on their own merits and will insure that each individual performs to their own limits.” – Steve Light

“Peter is hugely passionate about keeping fit & has been very innovative with his “netwalking” lunchtime walks. I have been several times & can highly recommend it.” – Neil Muxlow

“I used Peter as my personal trainer and his dedication and commitment to his work and getting your results is outstanding. He works over and beyond what anyone would expect and he is such a kind and welcoming person.” – David Beach

“I have so much fun at Peter’s class I actually forget that I am actually running. He makes the whole workout interesting and social.”

I hate going to the gym as I find it really boring. Running has never been my strong point but something I have always wanted to do. I have so much fun at Peter’s class I actually forget that I am actually running. He makes the whole workout interesting and social. I would recommend his groups to everyone.” – Caroline Watts

“Peter’s enthusiasm for fitness and wellbeing is extremely contagious. He is a caring and highly personable trainer who recognises your level of fitness and pushes you gently towards your goals. I have been cycling and jogging with Peter and both sessions were effective and delivered with an emphasis on having fun. I wholeheartedly recommend Peter’s services as a fitness trainer.” – Natalie Bailey

“He made sure I stayed on target when it would have been so easy to give up!

I engaged Peter at a time when I was struggling to maintain a fitness plan. He made sure I stayed on target when it would have been so easy to give up! Encouraging and knowledgeable, he also created excellent work out plans for me that suited my needs. In addition he maintains a friendly and very professional manner – I would definitely recommend him.”  – Julia Cox

“Peter is enthusiastic and inspiring – and his outdoor exercise sessions are great fun! They’re a great way to refresh and re-energise after a day’s work. :-)”

Angela Sherman

“I recommend Peter if you want to lose weight quickly and safely and only wish I’d done this a year ago!.

Being overweight is something I have had to live with for a long time and I have to admit I was sceptical. Now I have lost 2 stone and feel so much better. It has been hard but it’s worth it and Peter has been there to check on me every week and to keep me on track. I have already put my business partner onto him and he has lost 1 stone too” – Emerson Patton

  • Mark Richardson
  • Giles Phillips
  • Heather Townsend
  • Liam Oakes
  • Stephen Minney
  • Fiona Gray
  • Rob Cottingham
  • Lisa Bremner
  • Stephen Franks
  • Mark Allen
  • Jon Baker
  • Simon Haddy
  • Linda Rogerson-Heath
  • Steve Light
  • Neil Muxlow
  • David Beach
  • Caroline Watts
  • Natalie Bailey
  • Julia Cox
  • Angela Sherman
  • Emerson Patton

Let me introduce you to our Team

The people in our team have all developed personal resilience through their very different lives and the ups and downs on the way. We get pleasure from the experience of working with you, in being healthy ourselves and in learning something new every day. It may seem old fashioned but we believe our success is based wholly on your success. When you become a raving fan, our reputation spreads and when you achieve the results you want, we get recognition. Simple really!

Peter Moorhead Corporate Fitness Coach

Peter Moorhead Corporate Fitness Coach

Viki Drury BSC (hons) Massage Therapist

Viki Drury BSC (hons) Massage Therapist

Faye Jordon Personal Trainer

Faye Jordon Personal Trainer

Zoe Dawson Massage Therapist

Zoe Dawson Massage Therapist

Anna O Personal Trainer

Anna O Personal Trainer

Dean Hardware Massage Therapist

Dean Hardware Massage Therapist

Andrea Breslin Personal Trainer

Andrea Breslin Personal Trainer

June Srivalsan Health Technician

June Srivalsan Health Technician

Sam Downton Nutritional Therapist

Sam Downton Nutritional Therapist