Looking for fun and challenging ways to keep your workforce strong and resilient of body and mind? Support the health and wellbeing of your workforce with a Fitness at Work Programme 
A healthy, happy workforce = a healthy and profitable business 
Evidence shows that companies who increase their investment in workplace wellness programmes, benefit from tangible improvements in employee engagement and productivity, gaining competitive advantage and a significant increase in their bottom line. 
In our experience, the benefits are clear. There can be no denying that there is a direct correlation between mental health and physical fitness, as statistics and surveys show. By maintaining a healthier workforce you can lower direct costs such as insurance premiums and worker’s compensation claims, whilst positively impacting many indirect costs such as absenteeism, presenteeism and poor productivity. 
Resilience in business is the key, not only to survival, but also prosperity. Our approach to health and fitness at work has ‘resilience’ at the core of our programmes. Our objective is to produce happy, healthy employees, resilient to the mental and physical stressors of the workplace and modern living.  
Hours lost to sickness are reduced and employees present as more attentive, focused and proactive, having a positive effect on your whole business. 

Health screening 

Identify any existing health issues or potential health risks with our non-invasive 
Health Screening service. 

Physical fitness 

Reap the benefits of our Fitness at Work programmes with on-site training for small groups or 1-2-1. 

Mental health training 

Support your workforce with bespoke Mental Health education and resilience training solutions. 

Supportive therapies 

We have many therapists on hand to provide extra support, such as Massage, BEMER Vascular Therapy and more... 
Facing the facts... 

The road to  workplace wellbeing 

What our clients say about us 

As one of the Perks for working with Bluechip, Peter and his fantastic team come to where we work. They’re all very professional and excellent at getting you motivated and out of your comfort zone, whilst making sure you are capable of completing any exercise you are given. My stamina, strength, agility and endurance, have improved 100%. 
Garry Oliffe, Blue Chip 

What our clients say about us 

Peter has worked closely with Aaron Wallis for a number of years now, on both a group and individual basis. We have found him to be a very knowledgeable and personable trainer which has proved invaluable to the fitness levels of the office. Peter is very accommodating, fitting in sessions around office hours, and he always arrives with a smile on his face. I would definitely recommend him to both small business and Corporates alike. 
Giles Phillips, Aaron Wallis 

What our clients say about us 

When a large group of us at Rok foolishly signed up to do the 3 Peaks Challenge, Peter kindly invited us along to a taster event on a Thursday evening. Peter’s personable approach and understanding of individual goals and abilities, encouraged the group to attend a number of sessions. As a result, the team were geared up for what proved to be an extremely difficult but enjoyable event. I’d highly recommend Peter. 
Simon Haddy, Rok 

What our clients say about us 

Highly recommended Peter and his team at Celebrate Health & Fitness for personal or corporate fitness training. All the trainers are fantastic at tailor making the workout regime that suits your mind and body and motivate you to achieve your fitness goals. Well done everyone!!! 
Narendhar Reddy Tangella, Data Management Technical Architect 

What our clients say about us 

Since starting the Resolutions programme back in January it provided me some serious focus into my fitness regime. With the help of the Personal Trainers I started to complete some weight training as well. Since January 2015 I have now lost 7 stone or 45kg in weight. I have gone from a 3XL shirt to XL now. 
Mark Richardson, Service Delivery Manager at Blue Chip 

What our clients say about us 

Peter is excellent at what he does. A unique combination of personal fitness training, psychology and an awareness that if you are investing your time and money in something - it better bring results! It certainly has for me - on both a personal and business level. Competent, life changing, fun and with high levels of energy and integrity - along with a spooky ability to read your mind and tailor your programme and his approach accordingly. Highly recommended. 
Fiona Gray, Independent Financial Adviser 

What our clients say about us 

I have been lucky enough to work with Peter for about 15 months. Thanks to Peter I have gone from not being able to run to regularly running 5km and working towards 10km. We always have great fun during our sessions (which have included abs work, lifting 5kg weights, skipping and boxing training). Thanks to working with Peter I have lost weight, lost inches and gained a huge amount confidence and am fitter and stronger than I have ever been. 
Lisa Bremner, Chief Organiser at The Excedia Group Ltd 

What our clients say about us 

During the first part of Jonathan’s session it dawned on me that I couldn’t remember the last time I was able to sit still and remain focused on ‘being present’. The coaching was thought-provoking and provided simple techniques to relieve tension and manage stress on a day-to-day basis. 
DHL, UK Corporate Responsibility Manager 

What our clients say about us 

The training modules ‘De-stress Behind the Wheel’ and ‘Sleep’ were very engaging, interesting and useful, giving myself and my drivers lots of tips and advice on how to manage personal stress levels in various life and workplace circumstances, and how to review your approach to your sleeping habits in order to promote better, higher quality sleep, improve personal health and work performance. I thoroughly recommend this training as an essential part of a company’s responsibility towards its ongoing driver wellbeing. 

What our clients say about us 

Jonathan’s ‘Resilience and Wellbeing Advice Clinic’ gave my employees practical tools to help them deal with the varying individual challenges that they face. They were really impressed by the amount of value they got in such a short space of time at the sessions. 
Carlsberg UK, Human Resources 

  Our trainers and therapists  

Aside from our exceptional team of personal trainers, the Celebrate Health and Fitness team consists of several massage therapists, 
a health technician and a mental health coach – all of whom share the same passion and work ethic. 

 FREE exercise videos 

Yes it is possible to get fit without stepping inside a gym… 
Try a short work out with us – we’ll show you how to get your heart rate 
up and work your entire body. Simply press play and follow along. 
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