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The number of hours in the day is the same for everyone, there each day for us to work, rest and play. Of course what is really meant when someone says I don’t have time is “This is not important enough for me to make time” 
Is that an excuse? 
Sometimes, quite frankly, yes it is but other times, we need to take time out before we realise just how badly we need a break, some “me time” and to feel so much better for it. Taking time out for exercise not only gives you a break from the routine but also gives you the benefits of exercise: 
You feel energised, alive and focussed, more productive and pro-active and by taking an exercise break you discover time spent on exercise makes for a better use of your time. 
This to me is the real crux of the matter “why should we” because in many ways it is easier to just ignore it and accept that the health and fitness of people at work is “not our problem”. 
Consider however the effect on your business if one or more key employee, or even you, is not there either through sickness or injury? How much time and energy is lost in finding a temporary replacement, in training that person, paying agency fees perhaps let alone the loss of income, the worry and the effect on other staff members. 
What of the people who struggle to come into work when they are ill and actually cause more disruption because although they are “present” they may be doing nothing more than spreading germs and sitting at a desk and complaining? 
This is all to do with the overriding theme of our workplace wellness programmes, to develop resilience to the risks to health, mental and physical, associated with running a business or working in a busy company, with practical and focussed physical activity and relevant dietary advice. 
It’s about being active in the true sense of the word as opposed to being sedentary and it depends on the size and needs of a company and employees on exactly what that plan is. Regardless of your needs, we aim to give you a full service from consultation to delivery of any or all of our Fitness Training, Massage Therapy, Nutritional Therapy and Health Checks 
For some business it will be doing one-to-one personal training once or more a week at home or place of work. 
For others it is boot-camp type, small group training before or after work either outdoors or in. 
Others may have an charity event or team challenge they want to train for such as the 3 Peaks or London to Brighton bike ride. 
And for some it is a full package from Employee Attitude Surveys, Health Risk Assessment, regular Health Checks, design and kit-out of Company Gym and the provision of top quality Personal Trainers and Therapists from 1 hour to 50 hours per week. 
A fair question although difficult to answer without more information but I can tell you our current monthly invoices run from just over £250 to over £10,000 per month. 
The majority of our clients start at the most basic level of one or more fitness sessions at home or at the place of work per week and regular health checks to see progress every 4 weeks. Whereas if our whole team is involved training or treating 5 days a week, costs will be higher. 
Unlike a gym, we book our clients into time slots with their trainer so that there is a schedule and very importantly, some accountability. So rather than offering a service, we are providing it free at the point of use. This works best if accompanied with a system that penalises absence such as a £10 fine for charity if a session is missed for other than work related reasons. 
As for life insurance, that is all well and good but only pays out when it is too late! Surely taking action to avoid the need for life insurance payouts is better and more responsible? 
We use Health Checks primarily as a test of progress and a measure of success so initially we could conduct a check of a number of employees to identify issues such as being overweight, having excess visceral fat, high blood pressure or potential respiratory problems. The point being that if we identify an issue we can present a plan to put it right or in some cases, to seek medical advice. 
The checks most often are a simple case of standing on some special scales that will give body composition measures such as fat, muscle and bone mass as well as metabolic age and calorie requirements. We can then go on to measure blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels and lung capacity if requested or required. 
For something tangible, it requires a check of sickness and attendance, which is indeed a motivator for initiating a wellness programme anyway. Then of course it comes down to the bottom line and profit. Morale however plays a big part in the collection of those statistics. Do your staff feel appreciated? Are they grateful that there employer cares about their state of health and do they have more energy and focus because they are now energised, active and “alive”? 
Sure, it helps if there is a gym as does having changing and shower facilities and our programme may not suit every business if (for example) you are located in the middle of a busy city with now green spaces. 
Many companies work where there are accessible and adequate outdoor spaces, they have a meeting room if the weather is bad or small business owners work from home. There is always a way round the problem of space and it takes a conversation to see what is appropriate. We can even help with gym design and equipment if you want to create a gym. 
I thought hard about putting this FAQ in because if it not always verbalised, it is a factor in choosing us to work with your company. 
I see many companies, some are very good at what they do, that offer services. There are those that offer Health Risk Assessments, producing copious well presented documents pointing out where your company is going wrong. There are surveys and reports that attempt to discover why absenteeism and sickness is a problem. Companies that will equip a gym with state-of-the-art kit; Those that will provide a random gym instructor. 
So what is different about us? I believe it is because our focus is on the individual so that one person at a time feels better, performs better, becomes more confident, proactive and appreciative of who and what they are. Everyone wins, the employee, the business and yes, us too. 
No amount of surveys, spreadsheets and reports. No underused gym or poorly trained and de-motivated agency fitness instructor can make the difference that we do with our proactive and collaborative approach. Our desire is to become your partner in health and fitness to make your business an active business with happy and healthy employees. 
We always suggest a pilot scheme. After all no-one wants to waste time and money on something that does not work and we also have a reputation to uphold. 
Let’s have the conversation and consultation process and provide you with a plan that we can test and measure for six month to see what difference it can make and take it from there. 
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