Looking for fun and challenging ways to keep your workforce strong and resilient of body and mind? Support the health and wellbeing of your workforce with a Fitness at Work Programme 

How we work with you  

To help you understand our methods we have a 3-step process, which we call “The API of Workplace Wellbeing” ...Assess, Plan & Implement. 


Workplace Wellbeing Self Assessment 
Aimed at the business, we ask you (the company) to 
answer a few questions, which will help us to establish your business needs, attitudes and desires. It will also identify areas where good practices are already emerging, established or embedded in your organisation. 
Individual Lifestyle & Stress Management Evaluation 
This anonymous survey of your employees explores 
diet and exercise habits, alcohol intake, smoking status, stress levels and work pressures. The results help us to gauge interest levels, understand lifestyle habits and any associated health risks. 
Individual On-site Health Checks 
Health checks are non-invasive and conducted on-site by our fully trained and certifi ed health technicians. Test results are relayed to the donor alongside a report, however the results are strictly confi dential therefore only general statistics can be shared with the company. 


Health Risk Assessment 
We review and evaluate our findings and compile a full report of statistics for your business based on the Workplace Wellbeing Self Assessment tool – identifying any common health and wellbeing issues or areas of concern – and any ongoing support recommendations. 
Consult Key Personnel 
If you agree that you would benefit from our assistance, it is time for us to consult with your Key Personnel to formulate a Workplace Wellbeing Programme appropriate for your needs. 
Clearly defined goals and definitions of success are to be agreed, any additional incentives decided upon, and a programme schedule set, which will promote and encourage maximum participation. 


Implement Workplace Wellbeing Programme 
Inclusive of on-site Fitness Training and/or Mental Wellbeing Workshops and/or additional Supportive Therapies. 
Test and Adjust 
We test, measure and adjust the strategy where necessary, to ensure that you are getting consistent positive results. 
Follow-up Health Checks are carried out to measure and monitor progress. 

The road to  workplace wellbeing 

Discovery Meeting 
A conversation to discuss your requirements and how our services can meet expectations. 
Workplace Health & Wellbeing Assessment 
To identify areas of concern and to assess the attitudes and desires of employees. 
Health Screening 
As simple as standing on a set of biometric scales, giving a pinprick of blood or blowing into a tube to highlight potential lifestyle, or physical health, risks. 
Planning & Implementation 
Having identifi ed the risks, its time to decide upon the course of action and introduce any 
mental health or physical fi tness interventions that are required. At this stage we recommend a “Workplace Wellbeing Day”...a taster of what is to follow. 
Mental Health 
A conversation to discuss your requirements and how our services can meet expectations. 
Physical Fitness 
Fitness training with small groups or 1-2-1 to address issues identifi ed from the Health Checks and to promote healthy lifestyles 
Ongoing Support 
As your partner in health, we continue to support your business with regular meetings, advising on policy updates, programme reviews and regular health checks to test and measure the effectiveness of the interventions. 
We can and do, have a positive impact on companies and society in general, and we are actively seeking to become Partners in Health with businesses that take Corporate Social Responsibility seriously. If you would like to know more about improving mental and physical resilience for leaders and employees at all levels, let’s have a conversation. 
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