Looking for fun and challenging ways to keep your workforce strong and resilient of body and mind? Support the health and wellbeing of your workforce with a Fitness at Work Programme 

Meet the team  

Aside from our exceptional team of Personal Trainers, the Celebrate Health and Fitness team consists of several Massage Therapists, a Health Screening Technician and a Mental Health Coach – all of whom share the same passion and work ethic. 
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Peter’s Moorhead 
Corporate Fitness Coach 
Peter’s Story 
I created Celebrate Health & Fitness after a long career in the army, where I was responsible for the welfare and training of my soldiers. PT at 6.30am became an everyday challenge to find something different and enjoyable for 40 or so soldiers. That’s where my love of outdoor fitness training started. 
Leaving the Army in 1996 I moved to Milton Keynes, met my wife Sally, and spent several years bouncing around jobs and getting fat and old. It was that realisation – being fat and old – that made me decide to do something about it. 
I soon realised that my passion lay in helping people become the best that they could be, with a focus on better fitness and healthier eating. So I studied and gained qualifications as a Personal Trainer, quit my job and set up Celebrate in 2007. 
Running a small business myself, I’m very aware of the risks of ill health or injury keeping me from earning a living. It was through this realisation, the concept of “Resilience in Business” was born. 
Now, as anyone who knows me will tell you. I’m still running (but not so fast), I love outdoor activities whether that is Boot Camp stuff, cycling, hiking in mountains, skiing or Ultra Marathon, and I have never tired of the satisfaction I get from helping people make a difference to how they look and feel about themselves and to bringing some joy into life. It’s a celebration after all! 
Faye Jordan 
Personal Trainer 
Faye is without doubt the most accomplished and inspirational role model for anyone looking to “be better.” 
Faye’s story 
As a kid I was sporty, I did everything and was good at most things. I excelled in Rugby, Hockey and Athletics, 200m, 800m with Shot Put being my best. Then at the age of 20 I was diagnosed with cancer – at one point I was given just 2 weeks to live, BUT I’m a fighter and I survived! Through complications I lost the sight in my right eye and hearing in right ear, and my lungs were left with only 40% capacity. I couldn’t do much. I had to learn how to walk again and drive again, and the breathlessness was crippling. I was told I’d never run or play rugby again, and I’d probably never have children either. 
This spurred me on to do what I could – I retrained as a fitness instructor and specialised in training people with medical problems. I trained myself too – it was a long hard process being able to do things like walk around the shops or clean my house... the simple achievements were the best. Then against all the odds at the age of 22 I fell pregnant... Amazingly, I now have three children who are my world, and I am happily watching them grow into beautiful little people. 
Second only to my three children, my passion is exercise and training, and I co-own a gym in Northampton. I train with weights and compete in Powerlifting and Strongwoman at both at National and International level. 
Andrea Breslin 
Personal Trainer 
Andrea’s story 
I started off in life as a very active person – I was a figure skater and trampolinist – from 12-18 I held all the school records in body weight exercises – but when I left school, I never realised there was an option to do anything involving exercise as a career, so I ended up studying music technology. To cut a long story short, I got married and had two beautiful children, but I became reclusive with little self-confidence and low self-esteem. I smoked and drank too much and I’d stopped doing all of the things that I enjoyed. Things had to change. 
I managed to quit smoking and started exercising a little, but when I stopped smoking I gained two stone in weight. I found myself in the position of being unfit and overweight and heading towards 40 fast, so I decided to get myself a Personal Trainer. I worked hard, lost the two stone I’d put on and finally started to get fit and strong. Along the way I became more self-confident with bags more self-esteem, and I felt younger and full of energy everyday. It didn’t just change my life, it changed my family’s lives too – I was so amazed at the outcome I decided I wanted everyone to feel like this, so I studied to become a Personal Trainer so that I could help people find themselves again, or for some, for the very first time. 
My passion is Bodyweight and I am one of very few trainers that hold the PCC (Progressive Calisthenics Certification) certificate in this country. 
June Srivalsan 
Senior Health Technician 
June’s Story 
I am the Senior Health Technician and quite often the first person you will meet from Celebrate. 
I strongly believe that, with a better understanding of health risks, people can make better decisions and not have to rely so heavily on our overworked and underfunded NHS for their own wellbeing. So, I have brought many years of experience, providing medical health tests within the workplace to individual staff members and workplace teams, all at your place of work 
As well as our entry level "Baseline Checks" of body weight etc. we can carry out more comperhensive health screening. What we do is clean the tip of a finger with a sterile wipe, then “click” a device like a tiny pen to draw a drop of blood for testing. It takes just a few seconds. Within minutes we run a variety tests for health risks ranging from abnormal levels of cholesterol and/or blood sugars and even certain types of cancer. With instant results, if there are any concerns, I can advise there and then on the best route forward in terms of diet and exercise advice and, if necessary, recommend a visit to your doctor. 
That is why, when I produce a results report, I take you through every part and explain in laymen’s terms. so you can walk away with a full understanding of all the results, including any follow up action and on-going support available to you. 
Simon Dean 
Senior Personal Trainer 
Simon’s story 
I have always been interested in physical fitness and have trained since I was a teenager, but I didn’t become a Personal Trainer until 2013. I had a late career change when the corporate world of driving a desk for a living, seriously lost its appeal. I consider myself very lucky that I was able to make the change and now earn a living in the fitness industry - but then, I’ve always loved a personal challenge. 
Over the years I have cycled, run, skied, trained with weights, attended boot camps and I’m quite hooked on Obstacle course racing (OCR). 
In recent years my training has revolved around running, Kettlebells, Suspension Training (TRX) and other ‘functional’ training activities such as Battle Ropes and Sandbags. I have since gained my Advanced Kettlebell Instructor qualification, which allows me to add a lot of variety to the training that I can deliver. 
I love being the Senior PT with Celebrate and the opportunities it brings to meet and work with so many great people. Helping them to get fitter, stronger, and confident as well as improving their health is a real privilege – which makes my PT’s life of early mornings and late evenings all worthwhile. 
Roland Patterson 
Personal Trainer 
Roland’s story 
I’ve been involved in sport and fitness for as long as I can remember, playing football at a high level representing Bucks County and Luton FC. But after leaving school I worked in an office environment without any opportunity to exercise. I continued to play sport and train outside of work until I finally made the decision to follow my heart and work in the fitness industry. 
I qualified as a Personal Trainer in 2010 and continue to expand my knowledge and expertise in all aspects of fitness and nutrition. Have travelled around SE Asia, living in Cambodia for a while, I’ve learnt so much from my travels which has helped me grow as a person and so provide a better service to my clients. 
I am a fully qualified Personal Trainer with further qualifications in Advanced Kettlebell Training, Circuit Training, Nutritional Advice and adapting exercise for Pre-/Post-Natal Fitness so that women can continue to exercise safely during and after pregnancy. I also run High Intensity Interval Training classes, and finally... if it all gets too much, don’t worry as I’m also a qualified First Aider! 
I get immense satisfaction from helping people achieve their goals. Everyone is different, but regardless of age, lifestyle and fitness levels you can make positive changes. I know the time commitment and drive it takes to achieve goals – and I also know the pitfalls and how to avoid them. The key to training is to have fun, and keep it fresh and new... and that’s what I do! 
Jonathan Pittam 
Mental Health Coach 
Jonathan’s Background 
Jonathan started his training journey in the health and fitness industry, delivering workshops and programmes to groups wanting to get healthy and transform their lifestyles. He entered the mental health arena with some distinct advantages, having experienced the impact of poor mental health first hand – subsequently gaining an in depth understanding of the links between diet and lifestyle and mental health. 
Jonathan takes a holistic mind and body approach to mental health – utilising his expertise from both the physical and mental health worlds, to educate people on mental health and deliver learning and support that can truly affect behavioural change. 
He helps individuals to build a personal resilience toolkit, by teaching them coping strategies and techniques that can be easily used on a day-to-day basis. 
Jonathan’s mental health education and mental resilience training solutions combine techniques from Mindfulness, Cognitive behavioural therapy, NLP, positive psychology, fitness, nutritional therapy, and healthy lifestyle coaching. 
Anna O 
Personal Trainer 
Anna’s story 
I taught dance after attaining a Dance Degree at The Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds, but realised that I also enjoyed working out in the gym, so I decided to combine fitness with teaching and I qualified as a Personal Trainer. Many dancers use Pilates techniques, so combining my love of contemporary dance with Pilates seemed like a natural step, and I furthered my training at Pilates Advanced Training School. 
I find teaching Pilates very rewarding. Aside from improving core strength and flexibility, Pilates is also a great cross training exercise for sports like golf, running, and road biking, which is why you increasingly find it being practiced by sporting professionals. 
I love working with lots of different people with varying goals and interests, no matter what their level of fitness. It’s important to recognise that everyone is unique, with different body structures and minds requiring an individual approach to exercise. 
I work with a lot of people who want to improve health, fitness and strength using a variety of techniques – from bodyweight exercises to weights and HITT (High Intensity Training). So although I draw on my Pilates and Dance background, as a qualified Personal Trainer I have the advantage of being able to combine different forms of exercise to create motivating exercise programmes, making it an enjoyable activity rather than a chore. I think personal training is all about motivating you to reach your goals and I believe that it should be fun! 
Viki Drury 
Senior Massage Therapist 
Viki’s story 
I qualified in 2010 from the University of Bedfordshire with an Honours degree in Sports Therapy. Sport and Deep Tissue Massage is my speciality. I believe every gym- goer, sports enthusiast, or generally active individuals should treat themselves to one at least every month. It’s a vital tool in the maintenance of healthy muscle tissue... it restores muscle tone, reduces tension, improves flexibility, restores muscular balance, and promotes recovery from injury. It also helps to relieve tension headaches and stress pains, it invigorates the body and revives tired muscles. 
Massage also plays an important role in expelling excess fluids, toxins and waste from the body. This is perfect to boost general wellbeing and helps muscles to recover at a faster pace. 
Tailored to your specific needs, I treat the areas that require attention (i.e. tight, weak or restricted in movement), coupled with a postural assessment, appropriate advice on how to maintain and improve the muscular system through stretching, adapting daily activity and making minor adjustments to your environment. 
As well as Sport and Deep Tissue Massage, I also offer: Swedish Body Massage – a treatment that targets emotional relaxation and circulation; Lymphatic Drainage – a treatment designed specifically to remove fluids and toxins; and Cellulite Reduction – a blend of techniques that break down and remove the fat cells that cause cellulite, and various techniques that aid recovery, diminish stress levels and improve flexibility. 
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