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Mental Health 

A major contributor to the increased levels of absence in the UK is the rise in mental health issues, which have increased by 71.9% since 2011. Reports show that mental health issues hit 30-40 year olds hardest – a result of increased financial pressures and a difficulty balancing the demands of work and family. This is evidenced by the seasonality of mental health issues, which increase during the summer and Christmas holidays. 
Main factors cited as causing work-related stress, anxiety & depression are: 
Workload pressures 
Tight deadlines 
Too much responsibility 
Lack of managerial support 
Management style 
Non-work relationships/family 
Poor relationships and conflict at work 
One of the main reasons many employees suffer from poor health is due to not knowing how to positively influence their health and lifestyle. 
We believe that empowering employees at all levels with the knowledge to influence their own health and wellbeing is key to building health resilience. By helping individuals change their physical, mental and lifestyle habits they can begin to develop a personal resilience toolkit for life that gives them more control of their health. 
We educate individuals across the spectrum of mental wellbeing issues that cause staff to underperform, take time off sick, or even leave the company. 
Our training combines techniques from Mindfulness, Cognitive behavioural therapy, meditation, NLP, positive psychology, fitness, nutritional therapy, and healthy lifestyle coaching to create unique offerings. 
By working closely with you to gain a deeper understanding of your organisational culture and set of working practices we can create bespoke mental health education and mental resilience training solutions to your mental health challenges, with the result being a reduction in mental health-related absence, presenteeism, increased productivity, increased morale, and a more resilient and engaged workforce. 
Mental Wellbeing training for an individual or group of employees: 
How to use Mindfulness for a better mind 
How to switch off & relax 
How to manage negative thinking & worry 
How to manage negative emotions & anger 
How to create better work/life balance 
How to manage bodily tension & pain 
Nutrition for a resilient mind 
How to transform your lifestyle habits 
How to get a good nights sleep 
Mind & Body Resilience – 8 week programme 
The Mental Resilience Project – 4 week programme 
Mental Wellbeing training for managers: 
Mental health awareness for line managers 
Spotting the signs of poor mental health 
How to create mentally healthy teams (Line managers) 
How to smash stigma in the workplace (Line managers) 
1-2-1 drop-in clinics: 
For each of the above areas that we offer education in, we also offer half and full day drop-in clinics should your employees need further support. Our drop-in clinics aim to work on a preventative basis, assisting employees before their molehills become mountains. 
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