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Mental Health Support 

Poor mental health is one of the leading causes of absenteeism, 
presenteeism and employee turnover. 
A major contributor to the increased levels of absence in the UK is the rise in mental health issues, which have 
increased by 71.9% since 2011. Reports show that mental health issues hit 30-40 year olds hardest – a result of 
increased financial pressures and a diffi culty balancing the demands of work and family. This is evidenced by 
the seasonality of mental health issues, which increase during the summer and Christmas holidays. 
Main factors cited as causing work-related stress, anxiety and depression are: 
Workload pressures 
Tight deadlines 
Too much responsibility 
Lack of managerial support/management style 
Poor relationships and confl ict at work 
Non-work relationships/family 
Mental health support options include: 
Mental Health Awareness Training 
Mental Resilience Workshops and Programmes 
On-site 1-2-1 Stress Management and Wellbeing Drop-in Clinics 
1-2-1 Counselling Therapy 
With a deeper understanding of your organisational culture, working practices and mental health challenges, we can provide bespoke mental health education and resilience training solutions, with the focus being a reduction in mental health-related absence and presenteeism, increased productivity, improved morale, and a more resilient and engaged workforce. 

How much is poor mental health costing your business? 

According to the Mental Health Foundation, 12.7% of all UK sick days can be attributed to poor mental 
health, and better mental health support in workplaces could save UK businesses £8billion per year. 
Can you put a figure on the following in your business: 
● Absenteeism ● Presenteeism ● Staff turnover 
Whether it be the costs and disruptions associated with employees taking time off, or those that turn up 
and underperform, right through to those that leave your business, the costs can soon grow. 
Clearly our current national approach to managing poor mental health isn’t working. More and more of us 
are struggling, with the trend clearly rising upwards. 
We provide you (the business) with a full report identifying any risks within your workforce. This will allow you to make 
informed and educated decisions regarding how and what to offer your employees, in order for your business to benefi t 
from the results. 
If you would like to know more about our Mental Health Support service and how it would benefit 
your employees and your business, call or email jonathan.pittam@celebratehf.co.uk 

 Test and Measure 

At Celebrate Health & Fitness we take a different approach to improving the mental wellbeing of your employees. Our methods place the power in the hands of the individual so that they can improve their own personal resilience. 
Our mental health is affected by a combination of factors: 
Biological – genes, lifestyle, environment 
Psychological – thinking style, personality, coping mechanisms 
Sociological – life events, society 
One of the main reasons many employees suffer from poor health is due to not knowing how to positively infl uence their health and lifestyle. 
We believe that empowering employees at all levels with the knowledge toinfluence their own health and wellbeing is key to building health resilience. 
By helping individuals change their physical, mental and lifestyle habits they can begin to develop a personal resilience toolkit for life that gives them more control of their health. 
We educate individuals across the spectrum of mental wellbeing issues that cause staff to underperform, take time off sick, or even leave the company. 
Our training combines techniques from Mindfulness, Cognitive behavioural therapy, meditation, NLP, positive psychology, fi tness, nutritional therapy, and healthy lifestyle coaching to create unique offerings. 
By working closely with you to gain a deeper understanding of your 
organisational culture and set of working practices we can create bespoke mental health education and mental resilience training solutions to your mental health challenges, with the result being a reduction in mental health-related absence, presenteeism, increased productivity, increased morale, and a more resilient and 
engaged workforce. 
Mental Wellbeing Training for an individual or group of employees: 
How to use mindfulness for a better mind 
How to switch off and relax 
How to manage negative thinking and worry 
How to manage negative emotions and anger 
How to create better work/life balance 
How to manage bodily tension and pain 
Nutrition for a resilient mind 
How to transform your lifestyle habits 
How to get a good nights sleep 
Mind and body resilience (8 week programme) 
The mental resilience project (4 week programme) 
Mental Wellbeing Drop-in Clinics 
To support our mental health training we also offer half and full day drop-in clinics should your employees need further support. The aim of our drop-in clinics is to work on a preventative basis, assisting employees before their molehills become mountains. Objectivity as a coach external to the business, allows the individual to speak freely. Face-to-face contact is the most effective for this type of intervention, as the relationship is crucial for this to be successful. 
30 minute slots 
Face to face (not via phone unless it’s the only option) 
On-site (we usually book a meeting room for the day) 
The training modules ‘De-stress Behind the Wheel’ and ‘Sleep’ were very engaging, interesting and useful, 
giving myself and my drivers lots of tips and advice on how to manage personal stress levels in various life and 
workplace circumstances, and how to review your approach to your sleeping habits in order to promote better, 
higher quality sleep, improve personal health and work performance. I thoroughly recommend this training as 
an essential part of a company’s responsibility towards its ongoing driver wellbeing. 

 Trickle down effect 

We install our interventions into the leadership programmes of our clients so that mental health becomes business as usual, and something that is understood at all levels of the business. 
Working with your line managers we create a trickle down effect on their teams. By helping line managers, in the first instance, to manage their own mental wellbeing, we create the psychological space for them to be able to observe and understand any problems that may be having an adverse effect on team members’ mental health. 
Armed with knowledge and training, your managers and leaders can be confident in their ability to take cases of poor mental health in their stride, supporting their team members to bring them back up and running. 
Our approach works on a preventative basis. Rather than waiting for molehills to become mountains, we teach managers how to act early. 
Mental Health Management Suite 
Our Mental Health Management Suite is a training programme for leaders at all 
levels made up of four and a half days covering the following: 
Mental health awareness 
How to have effective mental health conversations 
How to de-stress your team 
How to smash stigma 
We can and do, have a positive impact on companies and society in general, and we are actively seeking to become 
Partners in Health with businesses that take Corporate Social Responsibility seriously. If you would like to know more about 
improving mental and physical resilience for leaders and employees at all levels, let’s have a conversation... 
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