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Taking the word ‘resilience’ and applying it to a business context, we have three clear definitions: 
1. A person who is ‘resilient’ is better equipped to become healthy, happy, or strong again after an illness, disappointment, or other problem. 
2. A business that is ‘resilient’ has the ability to recover quickly from setback. 
3. A company that is ‘resilient’ has the ability to identify, assess, and respond to a potentially disruptive situation, in order to prevent it from becoming a crisis. 


As a small business owner, Personal Resilience is most relevant to me because I am the business. If I am sick, if I am injured or if I am absent from the business for any reason, then I have no means of generating income. Clearly, it makes sense to reduce the risk of any of the above and the best way I know of doing that, is for me to be as healthy as I can be. 
The second definition – the ability to recover quickly from a setback – could apply equally to an individual as to a business of any size and again, if the people in the business are healthy and strong, they are less likely to react in a completely ineffective or hysterical manner, concentrating on the problem rather than working towards a solution. How many times have we witnessed this when something, often very small, completely disrupts ‘normal‘ activity? Unless individuals are taken out of their comfort zone to experience different situations (preferably) in a controlled environment, they will only ever know how to deal with every-day occurrences. 
An ability to identify, assess and respond to a potentially disruptive situation suggests a work team that is not functioning. Quite often there are one or more individuals who are disruptive, for whatever reason. Perhaps they are new to the team, perhaps they are seen to be getting better rewards for their work or just perceived as a favourite. Often the key to resolving this type of issue for better team cohesion is to get the team together in a different environment where they can get to know each other better and discover strengths and weaknesses in themselves as well as the others around them. Shared adversity creates a stronger bond that has been described as the ‘bulldog spirit’ or ‘blitz mentality’ when people pull together in sometimes extraordinary circumstances. 


Resilience in business is the key, not only survival but also prosperity. Our approach to Health and Fitness at Work has ‘resilience’ at the core of our programmes and after assessing your needs, we will provide practical programmes, workshops and seminars relevant to any need to address issues of mental or physical wellbeing at work. 
Corporate Athlete: 
For, Business Owner, Leaders or Key Personnel in a business of any size. 
Corporate Warrior: 
Intensive training for Alpha types (women and men) who exist in a competitive and fast paced environment. 
Team Challenge: 
Bringing teams together through a shared adversity in the form of a team challenge, fitness training or sporting event. 
If you would like to know more about how we can help you and your business become more resilient to the risks associated with being in business, please use the contact form or email and we will call to discuss your needs, or arrange to meet. 
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