Looking for fun and challenging ways to keep your workforce strong and resilient of body and mind? Support the health and wellbeing of your workforce with a Fitness at Work Programme 

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Fitness Assessment and Fitness Training 
Fitness Assessments are carried out by Personal Trainer, Peter Moorhead. They provide accurate ‘measured’ data, identifying any areas for concern whereby increased exercise and/or changes in lifestyle may be required. 
We have a results based approach to physical fitness, and for that we need to collect data in the form of an initial Body Composition ‘Baseline Check’. This is a completely non-invasive procedure... we simply require you to stand on a set of biometric scales in bare feet. The results provide us with a snapshot of your current physical health and fitness levels – measurements used for future comparison to keep track of and monitor individual progress. 
The data that we collate comprises of the following measurements: 
Height & Weight 
We need these initial measurements to accurately accrue the rest of the Body Composition Baseline Check. 
Body Fat Percentage 
Body Fat Percentage measures how much of your body weight comprises of fat, and therefore is a good indication of your health. Weight alone does not necessarily define obesity, because it doesn’t take into account how much of that weight is muscle, fat, bone and water. 
Muscle Mass & Quality 
Muscles act like an engine in that they consume energy. As your muscle mass increases so does your energy consumption, helping you reduce excess body fat and lose weight healthily. 
This measurement provides us with the overall weight of muscle in your body – which includes the skeletal muscles, smooth muscles (such as cardiac and digestive muscles) and connective tissue. It also includes the weight of water contained within these muscles. 
Bone Mass 
Bone Mass provides us with an estimated value based on a person of 40 years of age and healthy. Accuracy may be affected by age, medication, and other factors such as osteoporosis, childbirth, women during or after menopause and people receiving hormone therapy. 
Body Mass Index (BMI) 
BMI only considers weight and height, therefore it can only diagnose obesity on the surface level. It is a medical expression of how much space you take up. 
Daily Calorie Intake (DCI) 
DCI is an estimation of how many calories you can consume in the next 24 hours to maintain your current weight at your activity level. 
This measurement is based on your Basal Metabolic Rate (measured) multiplied by your Activity Level. 
Metabolic Age 
This reading will measure a maximum metabolic age of up to 15 years above or below your actual age. Improved metabolic age can be achieved by increased weight bearing exercises, which will build healthy muscle tissue, improve your hydration levels and reduce body fat percentage. 
Hydration Levels 
Because hydration usually improves with fat loss, measuring hydration levels provides us with more accurate ‘progress relevant’ data than weight loss measurements alone. This part of the test determines the amount of fluid in your body expressed as a percentage of your total body weight. 
Visceral Fat 
A measurement of your visceral fat determines the amount of fat surrounding the vital organs within your internal abdominal cavity, and is the best indicator for risk of hypokinetic diseases. 
Ongoing Support 
The results of the Body Composition Baseline Check may indicate an individuals need to make changes to eating habits and introduce regular exercise. 
We can provide nutritional advice and support, as well as fun fitness training sessions for individuals or teams as part of your working practices. 
We want exercise to be fun and rewarding and the more we know about the individual person, the better we can find the right form of exercise and the Personal Trainer most likely to get the best results for them. Our team of well qualified and experienced trainers will continue to work with each person/team for as long, or as short a time as needed, to achieve a happier and healthier outcome. 
Repeating Baseline Checks at intermittent intervals, provides us and you, with ‘milestone’ evidence of any health improvements, or lack of therein, so that we can either build on your success, or make the necessary changes to achieve a positive outcome. 
Taking the word ‘resilience’ and applying it to a business context, we have three clear definitions: 
1. A person who is ‘resilient’ is better equipped to become healthy, happy, or strong again after an illness, disappointment, or other problem. 
2. A business that is ‘resilient’ has the ability to recover quickly from setback. 
3. A company that is ‘resilient’ has the ability to identify, assess, and respond to a potentially disruptive situation, in order to prevent it from becoming a crisis. 
Fitness Training 
Having identified any areas of concern from the initial health checks, our team of Personal Trainers will deliver on-site fitness training for small groups or 1-2-1 as relevant to the needs of each person. Progress is measured at regular intervals to ensure effectiveness. 
In our experience the benefits are clear. There can be no denying that there is a direct correlation between mental health and physical fitness, as statistics and surveys show. Our objective is to produce happy healthy employees, resilient to the mental and physical stressors of the workplace. Hours lost to sickness is reduced and the employees present as focused and proactive, with a positive affect on the whole business. 
Training can be a simple as a walking group at lunchtime; a session in an on-site gym (we will even supply the equipment); exercise classes before, during or after work; a runners’ or cycling club; or even training for a charity or corporate challenge. 
Fitness At Work Programmes 
Fitness Assessments and Baseline Health Checks 
1-2-1 or small group sessions 
Programmes for fitness and weight loss 
Rewards for hard working employees 
Back to work programmes following injury or sickness 
Team building or training for an event 
Duty of care for struggling employees 
Qualified and experienced Personal Trainers 
Healthy eating and nutrition coaching 
Before, during or after office hours. 
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